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Elbow silicone pipe 135° L102*102mm

Elbow silicone pipe 135° L102*102mm

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Silicone elbow 135° L102*102mm

The silicone tube is made using the latest technology of highly stable silicone (recovery after repeated heating/cooling). The inside of the spigot is made of adapted high-strength polyamide fabric.

Scope of nozzles

Pipes are used:

  • in the cooling and turbocharging system of trucks

  • in main systems of additional heaters (interiors of cars and buses)

  • building your own systems on cold and hot water (coolant)

  • repair of household appliances of those categories where obsolete rubber pipes need to be replaced with modern silicone ones

  • repair of wheeled and caterpillar special. machinery (excavators, bulldozers)

  • motorcycles and Buggy building

  • car tuning (sports, special).


Silicone nipples remain in excellent working condition in harsh conditions of the far north and hot south. The operating temperature varies from -60 to +180 C.

Suitable for application:

  • slightly aggressive environments (antifreeze, antifreeze)

  • cold water

  • hot water

Not suitable:

  • for diesel fuel and gasoline

These nozzles are clamped with conventional worm clamps, the width of which should preferably be from 12 mm.

In the turbocharger lines, it works normally at a standard hot air pressure of 1.5 kg / cm2, and also easily withstands sudden changes in “kick-down” or “turbo-pit”.

The maximum possible working pressure is from 5 to 40 kg/cm2 (depending on the diameter).

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