About Us

The main activity of Stefsotra is the sale of rubber products for a variety of needs such as construction (construction hoses), winemaking (food hoses), agriculture (watering hoses), automotive industry (car hoses). Today we are the largest supplier of rubber products, we have established ourselves as the high quality of our products in the Moldovan market.


Stefsotra also sells building materials, namely slabs of Marble and Granite. Today we sell slabs of natural stone marble and granite. This material has proven itself to be of high quality from slabs, people make steps in houses and entrances, they also use it as a finishing material, since the stone has proven itself in the conditions of the Moldavian climate. Stone is also used for kitchen countertops and kitchen floor aprons.


For 15 years on the Moldovan market, we have established ourselves as a reliable product and low prices. We will be happy to answer all your questions and serve you at the highest level.