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PU Suction Hose

PU Suction Hose

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Aspiration polyurethane air duct. Made from flexible polyurethane. The sleeve is reinforced with a steel spiral.

Application area

  • Extraction of fibers, shavings, sawdust;
  • Transportation of fine particles - dust, powder;
  • Removal of gases from the chemical industry;
  • Industrial centralized exhaust and dust removal systems;

Properties of polyurethane suction hose

  • Due to the small wall thickness, the air duct is lightweight and highly flexible
  • Perfectly dampens vibrations and has a high resistance to bending, which allows it to be used in mobile equipment;
  • UV resistance and frost resistance ensure reliable outdoor performance;
  • Gas-tight for 100% removal of chemical fumes;
  • Possibility of removal of static electricity.
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